3 Big Problems Overlooked by Weight Loss Surgery

3 Big Problems Overlooked by Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is *not* just caused by overeating.

Overeating AND Obesity are merely symptoms of a much larger systemic problem.

When I hear that a Doctor has suggested Weight Loss surgery to correct a surface issue caused by a multitude of issues – it makes my blood boil!!

Emily was working 2 full time roles, in between running a household and juggling family committments on the weekend.

She was a life-long dieter, her weight was spiralling out of control and even though she was exercising regularly and *trying* to eat more healthily – the problem was only getting worse.

Does she need to get weight loss surgery? Or was the problem being oversimplified and misdiagnosed?

As a Mind Body Weight Loss Coach this really fires me up – here is what I said to her…

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Hey there! I want to give you this perspective, just in case nobody has ever spoken to you about this problem in this way before.

Something that really concerns me and actually really fires me up is when a woman comes to me and tells me, “Hey, listen, my doctor has told me my weight is really getting out of hand and out of control – and I should consider bariatric surgery.”

And in this video I really want to drive home to you that, yes, you can get significant weight loss results, yes, they can be lasting. You can do it without cutting out part of your stomach even if you’ve been trying to solve this problem for years, if not decades, even if you seem to have tried everything and nothing seems to have lasted.

Overeating and obesity are merely symptoms of a much larger systemic problem.

What really frustrates me is that excess weight or obesity looks like a problem with overeating on the surface, when actually it’s just a symptom of an underlying condition. So once you understand that just with a few questions or a little bit more information, you can start to look at what maybe is the root cause of what’s going on here.

With this particular woman, I asked her, “So what’s been happening?”

She put on 15 kilos in the past 18 months. And no matter how much she was trying to motivate herself to exercise and she was really trying to eat healthily, her doctor said, “Well, look, it’s not working so you obviously need to do something drastic.”

But I said, “Hang on, let’s just take a step back. What has happened in the last 18 months that may have caused this excess weight?”

And she said, “Well, I run a business and my manager quit and I haven’t been able to replace them. So I’ve been doing the job of two people, and I’ve been running a household, and I’ve been trying to do two hours of exercise a day to try to lose this weight and been failing miserably.”

The number one thing that screams at me there is that stress is the underlying cause of this excess weight.

Now let’s have a look at what she was eating.

And absolutely you can see with irregular eating, with up and down blood sugar, with eating lots at night, with having midnight snacking, it’s such a classic representation of why obesity is actually the malnourishment of the Western world. Normally you think of malnourishment as children in Africa with distended bellies, this is the malnourishment epidemic of the Western world.

When you’re not getting the right nutrition into your body, your body’s going to give out signals that make you want to eat more food.

So when you’re not getting the right nutrition into your body, your body’s always going to give out signals that make you want to eat more food, eat really high calorie food, because it’s just looking for energy to grab, especially if you’re stressed, especially if you’re tired, especially if you’re always thinking the next thing that you’ve going to get done.

But looking at the body as an entire system is not just something that I recommend to my clients.

Any holistic doctor, any integrative nutritionist, any personal trainer who’s conscious and has done some mindset work will tell you that when you treat the body as a whole, that’s when you can actually address these underlying issues that create the overeating in the first place.

But often this advice doesn’t get through to people who’ve really been struggling with their weight for a long time.


1. Past Emotional Trauma from Diets

For some of the clients that I’ve worked with, their first diet they got put on at the age of 4, sometimes it’s as early as 10. They feel such a sense of failure around the diets that they’ve been put on, with so much restriction where it was impossible to maintain.

They feel such a sense of shame in their body that they really start to equate eating healthy as some kind of magical unicorn that’s really hard to maintain, that’s really unenjoyable – and the results that come from that never ever seen to last.


2. Dysfunctional relationship with Food

The second biggest problem from people who’ve had a lifetime of experience and failure with diets is that food becomes a real frenemy. Food becomes the enemy but it’s also your friend.

You turn to food when you’re sad, when you’re happy, when you want to celebrate when you want to commiserate. But then also, food becomes the fixation and the obsession that you’re not allowed to give to yourself.

So the concept of nourishing your body and fueling it to the point of satiety and satisfaction is super counterintuitive. And so it just feels like I’ve got to punish myself in order to be healthy and it just feels like there’s this polarity that will never ever last.


3. Lack of Self Confidence

The third biggest problem is that when you have had a lifetime of these experiences, your self-confidence has taken such a beating that it feels you’re less than a person, it feels like you’re not good enough, it feels like you’re undeserving of living your birthright in a healthy body, in a comfortable weight and being truly confident in your skin.

It just feels like this thing that is for other people, it’s not something that you’re ever going to create and achieve. And that really breaks my heart because all of those problems cannot be fixed by cutting out part of your stomach.


So you really need to look at the 4 Planes of Manifestation…

1. Physical Plane

You do need to look at the physical. What is it you’re eating? How can you nourish yourself? How can you heal your gut so that you don’t have this chronic inflammation happening?


2. Emotional Intelligence

Then looking at your emotions, improving your emotional intelligence, improving the strategies that you use to deal with your emotions, so that you’re creating better responses to stress than just relying on caffeine and sugar and wine to get you through the day.


3. Mental Wellness

Then it’s about the mental capacity, your mental wellness. And if you’re constantly doing things for everybody else, feeling guilty when you put yourself first, that is going to be a massive hurdle to ever giving yourself the peace and the calm and the balance and the investment of time that you require for you to be a healthy balanced person.


4. Spiritual Connection

And then lastly but actually most importantly is your spiritual wellness – your ability just to be present in your body, to be connected with who you really are. If you’re always putting everybody else first and all their needs first, then that famine of the soul, that hungry heart, will never ever be sated – and she will constantly be looking for the next thing that she can eat to fill her up, but that void can never be filled with food or wine or coffee or cake.


You can lose a bunch of weight really rapidly and have a slimmer body – but you still have all these different versions of famine happening.

The thing is, you can get bariatric surgery, you can lose a bunch of weight really rapidly, you might have a slimmer body – but you still have all these different versions of famine happening.

You’re not going to have the nutrition real estate in your stomach to be able to heal those gut issues, so you’re really going to limit your capacity to feel vital and energized and totally totally alive.

There are going to be health implications from the surgery itself, health implications going on forward, because you can only eat half a cup of food. It’s going to be difficult to really create the energy to drive yourself forward and really be a healthy, fit person. And it’ll be difficult to build the muscle that will create a lean, toned, physique because you just actually can’t consume the nutrition to be able to build the muscle in the first place.

Even when you do decide to get bariatric surgery, you actually have to go on a strict diet to get ready for it.

And so, even when you do decide to get bariatric surgery, you actually have to go on a strict diet to get ready for it, to drop weight in order to be a candidate.

And from the different people that I’ve spoken to, they actually thought, “You know what, oh wow, I actually can stick to this eating plan, I can lose weight, and after I’ve done it for a few days actually food’s not that important to me.”

That’s when you’re addressing the physical aspects of your nutrition – but it’s the psychological promise of knowing that you’re definitely going to get results that’s keeping them interested in the process in the first place.

So, doesn’t that say that therefore it’s a belief or a psychological issue, not a physical incapacity to lose the weight in the first place? So therefore shouldn’t you be going to see a psychologist versus getting part of your stomach cut out?

By only being able to eat half a cup of food at a time, you miss out on the real joy of eating food.

But last and definitely not least, by only being able to eat half a cup of food at a time, you miss out on the real joy of eating food.

This is a body that you’re allowed to enjoy, this is a vessel that you can take food in, experience the delight of your taste buds, and share it with the people that you love and care about. That’s the beauty of being alive.

And I love food too much to ever be compromising that for the long term for my entire life when I know that there’s another alternative holistic option that can give me the health of my dreams, the mindset, the vitality and the spiritual joy of life. Which would you rather prefer?

The Body Confidence Blueprint

Now if what I’ve been talking about has been resonating with you but it still feels a bit confusing as to what to do next, just know that what we’ve covered is only the first step of a larger system.

When we look at the F.A.T switch, the fat and temperature switch, we are looking for what the root cause is that’s creating the excess weight in the first place.

And as we go through my signature system, this is actually what my clients have used to drop anywhere between 5 to 18 kilos within 90 days without just giving up all the foods that they love and spending hours in the gym.

So we actually take you step by step through the physical plane, what you need to do with your food; the mental plane, what you need to do to uncover why you’re subconsciously sabotaging; then we work on the emotional plane and release the emotional weight; and then also the spiritual plane and realigning your feminine energy.

It’s actually a really simple but powerful way to help you remember your body’s innate healing wisdom, tap into that, and create your most authentic body confidence anywhere, anytime, so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Now if you want to get crystal clear on the one thing that you should be doing right now to get these kind of results for yourself, go to biancaa.com/bodyconfidence or click on the link below – and I’ll actually give you your own copy of this blueprint and the training that goes along with it.

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So check out the link and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Bianca x

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