3 Steps to Releasing Stubborn Emotional Weight

3 Steps to Releasing Stubborn Emotional Weight

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Losing weight can seem like a magical unicorn to somebody who’s struggled with their weight for years, or even for as long as they can remember.

They know they can trick and force their body to be slim, but it requires a lot of will power, enthusiasm, discipline and even then – there’s no guarantee that the weight will stay off.

I hear a lot of very smart, hard working women get really puzzled by this too – where they’ve applied themselves very rigorously to a certain diet or training program, whether it be P90x, keto, or heaven forbid a VLCD shake diet – and yet the results they’ve achieved have been disapointing to say the least. Where definitely the amount of effort and committment they exerted has not been reflected in the results they achieved.

In this video I want to share with you the exact principles behind the emotional healing weight loss strategy that helped one of my clients drop 21cm around her waist in just one week. It was absolutely fascinating, considering that previously she had been training 90 minutes a day 6 days a week with an intense fitness online program and hadn’t gotten those kinds of results in 8 weeks.

As you know, body image and obesity is a problem affecting women worldwide – 40% of women globally are overweight or obese, and yet the sales of diet products and programs are increasing exponentially every year – so something is going seriousy wrong.

There are 3 main reasons why high performing women in business struggle

  1. Time – they’ve got a super busy schedule and lots of exhausting responsibilities and deadlines – so it actually feels like investing in your health costs your business way too much – like you just can’t afford the time
  2. Exhausted – Meal prep and exercise requires energy, and when you’re already exhausted sometimes takeaway and eating convenience foods on the run feels like the only option
  3. Lack of confidence that the effort you put in will actually even yield the results you want – there’s no guarantee that this will work and it feels like a bit of a gamble

If you’re struggling with these issues OF COURSE you’re confused, overwhelmed and feeling a bit disheartened by the entire process.

The thing is you can be eating all the right foods but if you’re not doing the emotional work and addressing the subconscious reasons why your body benefits from storing onto the excess weight, then it doesn’t matter how hard you try, or how long, or how much you try to bully your body into the shape you think it “SHOULD” look like – if you’re not addressing the WHOLE of your body you’re not creating a HOLISTIC solution –

If you’re not implementing a HOLISTIC solution then you’re not nourishing yourself in the 4 planes of manifestation – physical / emotional / mental or spiritual – and THAT’s why the rebound happens.

So it’s like a house of straw vs a house of bricks.

It’s so easy for all your hard work to become undone by just applying a bit of pressure.

So here are the 3 things I recommend you address before starting ANY kind of nutritional process.

1) Investigate the emotional charge or trauma that you’ve been carrying through from your past that is the reason you are carrying excess weight, or it’s being expressed through disordered eating or drinking patterns.

2) Uncover the emotional charge that’s repelling you away from your ideal figure, it’s usually some kind of dogma, societal stereotype or personal meanings you’ve made about what it really means to be slim, healthy and toned.

– find a great mind body coach, EFT practitioner healer, acupuncturist, kinesiologist, integrative doctor or medical intuitive to help you start to unlink the chains of the past.

3) Ensure you look at your stress levels and see if you’re being motivated from a place of self-beration or punishment because that’s what will get in the way of you finding the right dietary philosophy that works for your body type, AND it will keep you doubting yourself and make it hard to stick to the process every step of the way.

And lastly my word of advice is to any hard working successful woman who has a tendency to over think things and get lost in her own head

* THIS IS NOT AN INTELLECTUAL PROCESS – I don’t believe you can “think yourself slim” I believe you “ know” yourself well – it is your INNER KNOWING that we are tapping into

> That there’s no magical unicorn on the other side of that ideal number on the scale
> There’s nothing broken about your body that means you can’t possibly achieve your dream size
> There’s nothing so special about you that you’re not deserving of radiant health – it is your birth right.

What I’m talking about here is just one part of a larger strategy – what you’re looking at here is my Body Confidence Blueprint, this is the process I’ve personally taken hundreds of clients through from being uncomfortable in their body and out of control with their eating habits

To having a peaceful relationship with food and totally rocking their body confidence, anywhere, anytime all year round

This piece right here is all about Emotional Weight and it’s part of the phase 2 which is all about Follow Through – ensuring you’re in total alignment with what you say you want and the actions you consistently take.

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