Deadliest Diet Sin #2: Your Love-Hate Relationship with Food

Deadliest Diet Sin #2: Your Love-Hate Relationship with Food

Trying to battle your body with willpower actually makes it worse!

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• Why we have such a love-hate relationship with food

• Why you don’t need will power to ignore cravings

• The secret formula to follow that makes eating healthy and losing weight – really easy



All right, girlfriend. You and me, we need to have a chat.

Do you know what really shits me to tears?

It’s when people say, “I can’t be like you Bianca. I love food.”

Do you think I don’t love food? Do you think that I’m not a fat girl in a fit girl’s body? I’m not like some ordinary little fat kid?

I could eat you under the table!

We’re talking about the 7 Deadliest Diet Sins – and in this video I’m going to be talking to you about why you have such a love-hate relationship with food.

We have been force-fed this idea that the only way to maintain a healthy weight is to diet.

That’s because we have been force-fed this idea that the only way to maintain a healthy weight is to diet. And I mean this by anything where we have to restrict the kinds of food we eat or restrict how much of it we want to eat. When actually our body has an internal satiety factor that tells us when we’re full.

The clincher is that you need to be eating foods that it can understand.

Okay, let me show you an example of this.

Once I was getting ready for a figure show. I was doing 20 weeks of worth of hardcore training and hardcore dieting – and I just couldn’t get myself away from this 3:00 chocolate fix and I was trying my hardest.

This is from a girl who was waking up at 3:00 in the morning and riding a bike in the middle of winter, eating 24 egg whites in a day, chicken, broccoli, training 3 times a day – but I just couldn’t get this last little bit of chocolate in the afternoons. I couldn’t get rid of it.

So I spent so much money to fix myself and cure myself of this chocolate addiction. But what I was looking at was the external symptom of why I wanted the chocolate in the first place.

If you’re having cravings, it’s because your body is missing something in your life and it’s sending you those signals.

If you’re hungry, there’s no point having a pill that tells you that you’re full when you’re not. If you’re having cravings or something, it’s because your body is missing something in your life and it’s sending you those signals.

There’s this innate wisdom in our body that’s trying to give us feedback all the time and we are ignoring it and trying to think ourselves, outsmart our bodies – but our body’s going to win every single time.

And so I end up going to this hypnosis. It was five sessions. I was like, “Yup, right on.”

He said to me, “You’re cured of eating chocolate, you are no longer eating chocolate anymore.”

And I thought just to myself, I was like, “Oh, okay.”

On my way home I’m thinking, “I should test this out.”

So I pulled over and I got not one, not two, but three chocolate bars. And I sat in my car and I was like, “Let’s see what happens.”

I don’t know. What did I think was going to happen? Like there’s going to be a hand or an invisible force and I couldn’t’ stuff it in my face?

No! I ate all three chocolate bars right then and there.

And then I thought, “Well, maybe it doesn’t work with chocolate, maybe it works with McDonald’s.”

I drove over the highway and I tried it with McDonald’s, and then I tried it with KFC chips, and then I tried it out with Subway cookies – and none of it worked.

So I had no choice but to really examine what it was my body was really starving for.

What I came up with is that chocolate actually hits the opiate receptors in our brain and is the same as heroin. So if we’re craving love, romance, entertainment in our lives, then our body wants to act out and will tell you to eat that in food.

If you continually keep on ignoring these cravings and you don’t fill up in the deliciousness of life – the romance and the fun and the love and the entertainment that you have in your life – because you’re too busy trying to lose weight then, as you can see, using willpower is just going to keep on fighting a losing battle.

Gain life, lose weight.

Dieting is supposed to be all about what you should avoid or stop eating. But as soon as you tell yourself you’re not allowed to have something, our inner rebel is actually programmed to want it and obsess about it.

But when you follow the “gain life, lose weight” formula, you just have to follow a few simple rules and your body’s innate wisdom starts looking after itself.

So before you sit down to a meal, ask yourself: Did this grow from the ground, fall from a tree, or have a mother? And is it in its most original form?

Then the adding principle asks you to make sure that every meal has a form of protein in it, some omegas or good fats in it like avocado or seeds or nuts, and some vitality in it, something green and fresh on your plate.

This allows you to crowd out the bad behavior so that even if you want to eat pizza, all you have to do is add some lettuce, add some avocado and maybe some chicken, and you’ve totally transformed it into a gain life pizza salad instead of either an “I’m being good” or “I’m ruining my diet.”

You can love food and have a healthy, lean and curvy body.

So yes, you can love food and you can have a healthy, lean and curvy body – and you don’t have to deny yourself of all the foods that you love. But understanding what you’re really starving for, that’s probably is where the tricky part comes in.

I hope this has given you some relief around food and knowing that your body isn’t trying to fight you. Your body is an extension of you and she deserves to be treated with lovingness and kindness – as do you.

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