Deadliest Diet Sin #4: S-T-R-E-S-S-I-N-G Out

Deadliest Diet Sin #4: S-T-R-E-S-S-I-N-G Out

If you’ve ever wondered why you always seem tone starting a diet – and then forgetting you were on one – you’ll want to watch this video.

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• How to change your perspective and see how your sabotaging behaviours are actually acting as dysfunctional self-serving behaviours

• Why you can’t seem to stay on a diet for longer than 2 weeks

• My best advice on how to release your body’s subconscious need for those outer protective layers

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Does it frustrate you that despite all your best intentions, your dieting efforts never really last longer than 2 weeks?

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a freezer, spoon in hand, ice cream on the other hand, and going, “Whoops!!! I just forgot I was on a diet. Oh well, might as well start on Monday.”

Well, let me ask you this: Does it ever feel like there’s this eternal battle being waged inside your mind? You know, when it’s the forces of good versus the forces of evil – and 9 times out of 10 evil wins?

Excess weight isn’t just about the food you eat and the exercise you do or don’t do.

It’s also about the stress in our environment and how our body interprets it. There’s a whole bunch of internal chemical chain reactions that happen that make our body want to crave food – and plenty of it.

We are almost genetically identical to our hunter-gatherer ancestors who lived over 120,000 years ago.

But back then, all we had to be stressed about was: don’t starve to death, don’t freeze to death, and don’t get eaten.

Some of the chronic stresses that we live in everyday life are just like trying to get work on time, battling with feeling tired all the time, or feeling like you have a never-ending to-do list. Or even just feeling pretty blah about life. Or berating yourself for not being one of those slim, healthy, happy people.

But, remember, our cavewoman brain still only has these three categories of threats to sort those modern day stresses into.

So you might think you’re lazy and weak-willed, but your body might just think there’s a winter approaching and that’s what’s stressing you out – and your body’s simply kicking off your hibernation mode as a survival mechanism.

Or you might think you’re eating healthily, but your body might actually think you’re in a middle of a famine and kicks off your starvation mode survival mechanism.

And if your body has kicked off its own survival mode and it thinks there’s either a winter or a famine approaching, your body’s hormones will actually make you feel really sluggish, make you feel fatty foods – and no matter how hard you try, any weight that you do rip off yourself will rebound back as soon as you stop doing all the effort and using all the willpower to try to counteract your body’s survival mechanisms.

That’s why sometimes you’ll see people who are going through a really stressful time like a divorce or a death of a family member and they lose so much weight, like way faster than you ever could with just diet and exercise. Have you ever noticed that happen to people?

Well, that’s because their body doesn’t think it’s some kind of low-level chronic threat like a winter or famine approaching. Their body feels like it’s more like an immediate threat to their physical survival, like a lion chasing after them.

And that’s when your body’s cavewoman brain kicks off the hormonal chain reaction called the fight or flight mode as a survival mechanism.

The secret to losing weight and keeping it off is actually by tapping into your body’s innate wisdom.

So the secret to losing weight and keeping it off is actually by tapping into your body’s innate wisdom so that when you do get stressed, you can communicate to your body that it’s actually a lion and it’s not a famine or a winter approaching.

Because your body’s fat switch is turned on, it’s a hormonal chain reaction that makes losing weight and keeping it off impossible no matter how hard you diet and exercise.

Once you start processing your emotions and responding to the stresses in your life more efficiently, that’s when you can turn your fat switch to off or even switch it to slim.

Our excess weight reflects our need for protection – it’s our insecurities, it’s about our self-rejection, and about how we just aren’t feeling that deep sense of fulfillment and safety in our modern day lives.

Leela was an amazing example of seeing where her body felt threatened in her everyday life.

Leela tells a very powerful story of how she was bullied as a child. And when she confronted these memories and made peace with the online trolls that kept showing up in her adult life, she realized that their vicious words had nothing to do with her but were simply a reflection of their dissatisfaction with their own lives.

But when we actually did these processes which allowed her to tap into her subconscious mind and let go of the control that those 7-year-old boys was still having on her, she lost 21 cm from her waist alone in a week. In a week. Incredible!

So she released 20 kilos and she’s actually lost 30 kilos to date. She still drinks wine, she still eats chocolate, and she says that the work that she did to release this weight has been 5 percent food and exercise but 95 percent of the emotional work.

The Food Freedom Formula™

So the way that you get your body’s internal slim switch to turn on is by examining the stresses in your life, sitting down and really understanding what is creating this hormonal chain reaction that makes your body want to be fat.

Then once you can figure out and see this threat, that’s when you can work towards eliminating it or at least changing your perspective on it so it’s no longer something that controls your everyday environment.

This might seem like a complete jedi mind trick to you right now, this is the first time you’ve ever heard of this, or perhaps you have already heard of this before but have got no idea and no clue about how to start eliminating the threats or changing your perspective.

So this is what we cover in the The Food Freedom Formula™. It’s a 90 day self-paced online program where we walk you through everything you need to know.

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