Deadliest Diet Sin #6: Buying Into The Beauty Myth

Deadliest Diet Sin #6: Buying Into The Beauty Myth

We’ve been led to believe that our personal worth is reflected by how we look on the outside.

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• How to FREE yourself from the never ending quest to “be better” and “look better” and why it’s just lining other people’s pockets

• The history lesson you NEED to understand how “Twiggy” impacts us today

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Have you ever noticed how it’s like so not politically correct to call someone fat or call yourself fat?

That’s because there’s this underlying stigma that being fat means that you’re lazy, stupid, ignorant, less worthy of a person – and the idea that being slim is also associated with being popular, attractive, right and successful.

Our whole culture is obsessed with this idea that being slim, attractive, sexy is what is desirable in our world.

But what would you say to me if I told you that you are a bad person because you’re not a good cook, because you don’t get the dinner on the table by 5:00, because you don’t spray feminine hygiene products like Lysol on your hooha for your husband’s pleasure? Basically that you’re a bad person or a less valuable person because you’re a woman and men are better than women.

You will tell me where to go, won’t you? You would actually laugh in my face.

But, you see, that is actually the media messages that our mothers were bombarded and our grandmothers were bombarded with in the 1950s, where the admin back then said that a woman’s only worth is either bringing up children or doing the housework.

So what gives? How does that relate to us here now?

Okay, so I’m going to give you a bit of a history lesson.

What happened is, after the war, women had to go out to work and they’re suddenly getting skilled and suddenly getting more confident – and they end up walking out of their homes in droves.

Women started this revolution where we liked being appreciated for what we could do as opposed to just being a mother and a wife.

The suffragettes campaigned for the votes and women being outspoken, women became somebody who mattered and had an influence in the world outside the home.

So it’s no coincidence than in the 1960s and ‘70s, the ideal body for a woman changed from being modest and curvy and feminine to being waif-like, Twiggy-esque, where the ideal woman was cowered down and frail-looking. And women who spoke up for themselves, feminists, were portrayed as fat, angry, man-hating, hairy armpits showing, lesbians.

What happened was that the economy no longer was propped up by these women wanting to be a domestic goddess at home and, basically, the economy had to focus all of its attention in the one remaining button they could push – and that was beauty.

Hence the beauty myth was born.

And that is the idea that there is a near standard physical perfection for women to achieve. But the thing is that there is none for men and it’s also decided through the eyes of men as well.

You could see that in play when you see a newsreader, an anchorman, who is balding, with the glasses, and grey, and he’s got a paunch belly – but he’s flanked by these beautiful, young, gorgeous women on either side of him, who need to be not only gorgeous but smart and perform in their jobs, and young, and keep that appearance up the whole time.

So there’s no equivalent standard of near physical perfection for men.

And that’s where all this economic manipulation has been directed to push our buttons. just in the area of beauty.

The proof that it’s working is in the 20 billion dollar beauty industry that women spend every year and the 800 million dollar weight loss industry.

So the deadly defeating sin I’m talking to you about today is the idea that the way you look on the outside reflects how good of a person you are on the inside.

And just the way that you scoff at the 1950s sexist ads, you should be scoffing at that idea as well. You should be bringing that up to surface and see how that’s manipulating you into feeling like you’re fat is making you less of a person.

Take a stand, refuse to be one of the statistics, and refuse to be manipulated by other people’s idea of how you should look and instead create your own idea of how you should look.

Because you are the boss of your body.

Wake up! Wake up to yourself and smell the roses – because a life spent wishing you were looking like somebody else, rejecting the body that you already have, is a life wasted.

And you, my beautiful soul, are far too gorgeous to spend the rest of your days hating this gorgeous body that you’re living in.

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