Deadliest Diet Sin #7: Can’t-Wait-To-Get-There-Itis

Deadliest Diet Sin #7: Can’t-Wait-To-Get-There-Itis

Your lack of faith in yourself might be the reason why you’re constantly falling off the wagon

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• The simple analogy that explains why it seems like you’re not getting anywhere – even when you are

• The critical ingredients you need to stay on track in times of doubt

• Specific strategies on creating a flexible, enjoyable and effective weight loss vehicle that is right for you

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Tell me… If you were driving to Sydney from Brisbane and you’ve been driving all day, would you turn back when it got to night time just because you couldn’t tell where you were going, because you can only see as far as the highlights would allow you to?

Well, no, you keep on going and travel until you arrive at your destination, wouldn’t you?

But most people, when they’re trying to lose weight, they do exactly that – and they are constantly turning back from Sydney to Brisbane, from Brisbane to Sydney. And they end up being stuck somewhere in between purely because they don’t have a little bit of faith to keep them on the right track.

The 7th deadliest sin that I want to talk to you about dieting that you probably didn’t even realize you’re already making is you’re suffering from Can’t-Wait-To-Get-There-Itis, or impatience, or just a little bit of good ol’ fashioned faith.

Physical transformations aren’t permanent.

Most people are so caught up with the desperation of arriving in Sydney, of achieving their ideal body or attaining their ideal goal weight, that they are willing to sacrifice how comfortable their journey is in the process – because they figure that “Once I’m there, I’m there, I can just maintain it.”

It doesn’t happen like that because physical transformations aren’t permanent.

So whilst you’re trying to get Sydney, imagine you got a really uncomfortable seat or you don’t like who you’re traveling with.

Basically, as soon as you don’t have the immediate gratification of getting some instant recognition that you’re doing the work (i.e. the numbers on the scales are going down), as soon as night falls and you’re not getting the instant feedback that you’re on the right path, you can’t bear the pain of being in this uncomfortable journey, this uncomfortable car for any longer, so you do turn back.

And some people are so desperate to get there, it’s like if you just eat one little thing that’s off track on your diet, it’s like getting a flat tire – but because you got one flat tire, you decide slash all the tires and have a big massive binge fest.

That’s how tweaked down are ideas are around dieting.

Okay. So how do you fix this?

Well, it’s a little something something called faith. Faith that you’re even heading in the right direction, faith that you’re in the right car, faith that you even want to end up in Sydney.

Now, there are a million and one ways to lose weight – and the majority aren’t for you.

Let me show you how to keep the faith.


Firstly, you need to be travelling with conviction that you’ve chosen the right vehicle to get you to Sydney, or the right diet or exercise program to get you to your dream body.

It really has to be something that you’re going to enjoy because you’re going to be spending a lot of time travelling.

So check it all out. Check that you’re going to be able to trust this vehicle, that it feels right to you, it feels like it’s going to be comfortable – because you’re going to have to make sure you can do this long term.


Check in with your intuition. Be quiet for a moment and just ask yourself: Does this feel right?

If it feels right in your gut – not your stomach but your gut – and if you can see yourself doing this kind of part of weight loss journey to a healthy lifestyle, if you can see yourself doing that long-term, then you’re in the right track.

Be flexible

Then you need to be able to give yourself permission to be flexible. You can make decisions for yourself, by yourself, because you are the expert in your own body.

If it doesn’t feel right, it’s okay if you can ditch that car and get on the bus. That’s your prerogative.

As long as you know you’re still travelling with conviction that you’re heading in the right direction, it’s okay regardless of how long it takes.

Ask a trusted source

Ask a trusted source for directions if you need help.

If someone has travelled the path to Sydney before you and you like their style and you can relate to them, seek them out as a mentor that you can trust – somebody whose story sounds like yours and has achieved what you want to achieve – and get a map from them so you can follow and implement it on your own terms.

Even if you stop for a rest when they didn’t at all, go on a detour while they didn’t, you are still making progress to your dream body destination.

Have someone expecting you

Have someone expecting your arrival. You really need accountability so that you don’t just dilly-dally along the way.

Knowing that someone is expecting you to deliver what you said you were going to do is just the kick in the pants you need to make sure you get there in the end.

The only way you can actually make sure that you’re going to get to the destination is to make sure you’re having a happy, comfortable journey. You are completely in control of it.

So how do I fix it?

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