How to Get Leads Organically Without Spilling Your Guts on Social Media

How to Get Leads Organically Without Spilling Your Guts on Social Media

If you’ve ever found yourself cringing at the thought of having to self-promote on social media

Don’t worry – you are not alone.

So many incredibly talented and gifted women I speak to have this exact same resistance to standing up and being seen for the powerful leader they truly could be.

It just seems kinda gross when all you see on socials is people making every emotion and detail of their life so public.

Especially if you are an introvert or a private person – this can be super off putting!

I totally understand how that feels, I used to struggle with what my friend / family would think of me when I put my “professional” hat on too.

However, I found a way to be able to speak authentically, in a way that actually got people to enquire about my business – without having to air any of my dirty laundry in public (so to speak).

It’s actually really easy.

I just grabbed this little snippet from one of our SuperCoach mentoring calls and I’ll think you’ll get a lot out of it!




Kylie: Did you wanna share a little piece on that? Cause you are like, you are the queen of, you’re the queen of this ,

Bianca: I’m queen of oversharing, strategic sharing, all pieces,

So what I’ve noticed is now that people are just prolific with their content posting and content creating, um, without really realizing the mechanism with which actually gets your clients. So everyone’s like, you just have to post, post, post. And back in the day, I remember saying to my marketing coach, I’m, I’m writing blogs, I’m posting and I’m not like, What’s the, what’s the go?

I was in a niche transition. It was going from being a personal trainer and weight loss coach, and I wanted to move into more the feminine leadership consulting space. And I was like, I’m doing all the things that’s not happening.

And she looked and she was like, B – you’re posting about your CrossFit, that’s awesome. That’s empowering, but it doesn’t solve the problem for the person in their, in their mind. that they’re going through. It doesn’t enter in the conversation in their minds.

You’re doing all this content creating and stuff, but it’s actually not coming to an ultimate outcome. And drawing people through the phases of, you know, “I like your vibe”  “What is the idea of what I could do if I were to work with you?” “What would it feel like to work with you?  and “How can I go about making a step towards working you and having experience of that?”

So when you actually realize that – I think a lot of people just like vulnerability vomit, out there. And it really is kinda indulgent. And I think that you can be looking at it going, Oh my God, I don’t wanna share myself so much like that.

And cause I think what happens is those posts were either you’re attacking somebody else or showing yourself to be victim of some part.

And you know, it’s kind of little “polarising / dramatic” style of marketing formula that they’re following. It’s like, “Once I was lost and now I’m found, and they were the baddies, now I’m the goodies and I’ll teach you my secret recipe.” Right?

And when you’re kind of starting out, you’re going, that’s like really involves a big rollercoaster and I don’t wanna do that because you can see all the engagement and then you might perceive that that’s what makes somebody successful and actually it doesn’t.

That’s actually just whole bunch of, of social media sea goals coming up and getting all the drama crumbs, right?

You know, so it’s actually not getting them the results they want.

And you can have this real vulnerability like over like hangover afterwards going, Oh my God, I just bared my soul for money. I think it probably would really pull up the prostitute archetype as well.

So if you are fearing like, Oh, I have to like sacrifice my safety in order to make money and like reveal myself, Oh, like I’m getting shivers right now.

So the cool thing is when you have the little recipes of just going the little format is just a, a Why / What / How – Share a Quick little story and then 3 points on how you can do it.

That is a strategic post.

1. Why should you listen to me? Like, what’s going on in your mind that makes now the perfect time for them to be listening to this?

2. What am I really talking about?

3. Here’s a story that demonstrates what I’m talking about.

And the story might be, um, somebody that you’ve seen in celebrity world. It might be a personal experience, it might be experience with a client or a a a somebody that you put through the spiral or you’ve observed. It doesn’t have to be your story.

4.Then you give 3 Little Tips about how this, like why this worked and how you can do it for yourself and then

5. Give somebody an action step they can do to reach out for help.

So I’ve noticed people Struggle with this visibility block because you think that you have to give up so much of yourself because you are comparing to what other people do.

And I would say I, I haven’t done, I haven’t been posting anywhere near as much as I like and I post way too much of my kids. (04:06): Cause I think about, I’ve got way too many kids and it’s funny and I really think I should be more strategic. But um, you know, like we’re making sales each and every week and I’m not vulnerability posting on my feed, on my page.

But I do have the structures in place that people can watch a video or a webinar understand what it is that I do. And, um, that does a lot of the work for me.

So that was a big rant.

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