Confession – I thought I was being superficial…

Confession – I thought I was being superficial…

I’ve recently given myself permission to dive even more deeply into my purpose and taken on some 1 on 1 clients in recent months.

The results have seriously uplifted my spirit about the work I have to do here on this planet.

? An incredible powerhouse of an online marketer with a heavy past has transferred her business brain onto her health and completely automated and optimised her nutrition routine to the point where she has lost over 10kgs in the last 8 weeks.

She’s done this despite crippling back pain that has plagued her for over 12 months but has also radically improved at the same time of going through this process. She’s also uncovered an alternative solution to a huge problem that was interfering in her pursuing her life purpose. She’s discovered a huge piece of the puzzle which is now allowing her to align her vision of the dream life she is creating and unapologetically pursue it.

? A beautiful soul who has been working 2 full time roles at work, and raising 2 human beings as a FIFO mum and wondering why she had stacked on 15kg in the past 18 months. She had been trying to eat more healthily and fit more exercise in but was horrified for her GP to recommend weight loss surgery to her as “things weren’t getting any better”.

In the short time we have been working together on this she has dropped an enormous amount of emotional weight especially around the trap of perfectionism and letting go of her resistance to prioritising her own needs.

This has been giving her a huge sense of relief and positive encouragement that she really can achieve her vital level of health and optimal weight WITHOUT surgery, pain and punishment. We’ve been working through the trauma of a childhood that associated health with restrictive diets and failure and I’m happy to report her healthy habits have been much more consistent – the numbers dropping on the scale and her growing confidence is reflecting that.

? A self employed mother with a unique set of family circumstances was finding herself overwhelmed with all her responsibilities and giving from a cup that was already depleted. After being stuck in a plateau for many months she was brave enough to confront a deeply held fear, bring it out into the open and then take the inspired action to heal it. She released 1.4kg within the week and continued dropping weight until she reached a total loss of 3kg to date.

? A community leader in the field of nutrition who needed help to quieten her inner critic so that she could more powerfully lead by example and have it reflect in her body. She now has the tools to quieten her mind, and action steps that will allow her to harness the knowledge and power she already possesses.

? My confession: in the past I have dismissed my passion as being “less spiritual” or “less worthy” or just plain superficial – because it’s associated with the manipulative and unscrupulous Diet Industry. However, I cannot deny the earth shattering Mind Body & Soul transformation that occurs as a result of releasing your body from your mind’s limitations.

?? Your Body is simply a projector screen for your mind – and I am always fascinated to see how dysfunctional thoughts express themselves in behavioural patterns and bodily conditions. It’s also why a Mind Body approach to weight loss has so many benefits that cascade into every area of your life – your mind is the key, and your body is the doorway that helps you radically uplevel your entire life.

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