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This Intuitive Eating Framework helps you tap into the innate wisdom of your body and promote positive and lasting habits – without restriction or obsessing.

It has been a critical key to hundreds of my clients successful transformations – and it’s the tool that can lighten the body without restrictive dieting, boosts motivation AND promotes more positive and lasting healthy eating habits.

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Well, hello, miss lady! My name is Bianca Aiono and I specialize in working with really hard working, driven, high-performing women, who find that the work ethic that makes them so successful in their business and their career actually creates a split – and it causes crisis and chaos and self-sabotage in other areas of their life, especially the health in their body and their ability to experience their happiness, like pure unadulterated happiness and presence in their relationships.

First of all, what really surprises me – it’s a real common thread – is that really, really smart women just ask so much of themselves, but it’s like you’re a thoroughbred racehorse trying to live off the diet of some overtrodden, overburdened donkey.

It means that the fuel that you need needs to support all the mental acrobatics you’re doing all day, everyday. But what ends up happening is that there is a disconnection that happens with really smart women because they get really in their head. So they get disconnected from the desires and pleasures of their body – and it means that they actually cut themselves off from their intuition.

This causes a real problem because it actually means that their work and their business creates more crisis. It’s kind of like constantly in this push-pull, push-pull, this pendulum.

Because what’s happening is when you’re surviving off coffee and cake and eating sporadically, your hormones are going up and down and up and down, there’s sugar crash, there’s insulin resistance, there’s a lot of cortisol, there’s a lot of stagnation – and you’re not truly digesting the nourishment from your foods. So it creates this white noise, a static.

Think about how hard it is to concentrate with that static.

All those inflammatory foods that create an inflammatory response in your body causes excess weight, causes mental brain fog. Speaking from personal experience, you go home and at 8:00 you’re on the couch, feeling like you’re a slobbering walrus. You go, “What just happened?” Or you finally take that holiday and you end up getting the flu in Fiji.

And when you can start eating foods that speak to your body in a language it can understand, you create the clarity of mind that allows you to find the shortcuts that allows you to work smarter instead of harder. It makes you start fueling yourself like an elite mental athlete so that you can actually amplify the results and the hard work that you’ve been working so hard for instead of just relying on coffee to perk yourself up, sugar to get yourself through, and then alcohol to wind yourself down.

And it’s really, really fascinating. When we bring ourselves back to the style of intuitive eating and being connected with our body… Because we are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are not your body, you are a soul living in an exquisite machine. And when you remember that… Oh my gosh!

I have worked with so many incredible women and they just really… Actually, when they started channeling a little bit one of their attention into nurturing their bodies and nurturing themselves into their most vitalistic health and creating that balance in every area of their life… Oh my gosh!

One particular client, she actually completely transformed her figure and took her business at the same time from a low 6-figure business to a 7-figure business within two years. Like completely shed a bunch of weight and then revolutionized the way she did business all because she started getting connected back into her intuition and getting rid of that white noise.

Now, what happens though is that if you take that overdoing, hustle mindset into your body, trying to force a round peg into a square hole, and just taking somebody else’s advice, trying to make that fit to your body, then it’s like discounting the innate wisdom of your body that already knows exactly what’s right for it and what it needs.

You can’t hustle yourself happy and you can’t punish yourself healthy. But when you get into that real inner knowing, when you can tap into that because there is a clear channel and you have that clarity of mind because of the food that you’re eating, there’s an amazing cascade of benefits that happen in every area of your life.

What happens is, so often you take that real punishing “go hard or go home” mindset, like work ’til you drop, get it done, no pain no gain – and if you take that into your body, your body will just push back against it.

I’ve actually created this really cool Intuitive Eating Framework, which I’ve kind of realized I was doing with my clients all the time and I’ve actually just put a system around it. This is it here – and I can give you a copy of it.

This is going to help you tap back into how to fuel your body by asking yourself the questions like: Does this nourish myself?

And then instead of just trying to force and push yourself into a box of compliance, you’ll actually give yourself a tick every time you have nourished yourself. And this gets away from this idea of perfectionitis. Because success and vibrant health in your body and true prosperity isn’t about being perfect, it is about having a really clear channel.

Have you ever felt that before? You’ve had this idea that you’ve got to eat perfect in order to be happy and anything less than perfect means wrong? Well, this is the way around it. This is the way so that you don’t self-sabotage because if you can’t be perfect you’re going to be perfect at horrible.

The little who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good she was very, very good – but when she was bad she was horrid. This is what will help you get out of that “Well, if I can’t be perfect at being perfect, I’m going to be perfect at being horrible”.

So let’s pull back the high-achiever, high-performer mindset that creates such epic results at your working career and then just start using it and channeling it into this nourishment, this allowing, this tapping into the innate healing wisdom of your body.

When you do that, you’ll just start seeing so many things in your life with new eyes of permission, of clarity, of presence of mind. And when this happens, oh my gosh, there’s an amazing snowball effect of momentum that truly can give you that fulfillment in your relationships, that vitality in your body, and ultimate prosperity in every area of your life. Sounds good?

Well, if you’d like that just click here and I’ll send one to you right away!. I can’t wait to hear how you go with it.

Bianca x

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