“JFDI” is NOT the answer!

“JFDI” is NOT the answer!

When you’re eating healthy and training regularly but can’t seem to stay strict enough to get the results you want … “JFDI” is NOT the answer!


Hey hey hey, friends! Bianca Aiono here.

I’ve just been at CrossFit and was having a bit of a chat with some of my friends about this idea that I can stay really motivated, I can train really hard, I can eat really healthily most of the time – but often I get results and maybe I get halfway to my goal, but I find that there’s a sticking point where either life gets in the way, or a Toblerone falls in my mouth, or you just end up getting these cravings that you just can’t control.

As a result, it means that you end up going backwards and you find yourself back to where you started. And it becomes this up, down, up, down yo-yo.

I work with Kylie Ryan, we are My Mind Coach, and together we help really hard working women – who are really successful in the other areas of their life – create long-term success when it comes to their healthy habits.

When you take that work ethic that makes you so successful in the other areas of your life and you apply that to your body, often it actually pushes you back in the opposite direction.

And what’s happening here is subconscious sabotage.

For a lot of people, the subconscious mind seems like this really woo-woo weird thing, like this big creature that’s like going to come and get me.

But the thing with the subconscious mind is that it’s kind of like when you’re driving somewhere and you’re going on autopilot — your subconscious mind wants to keep you safe at all times. There’s a reason why you don’t just drive off a cliff because you are distracted when you are driving.

Your subconscious is always trying to keep you safe.

If you have been working really hard, getting some results, and then finding yourself back to square one when you just let the pressure off or bad habits start creeping in, it means that there’s some kind of weight loss blocker getting in the way that’s very deep within your subconscious – and it’s getting in the way of you achieving your goal.

So there’s something about your end goal that your subconscious mind thinks, “Oops, that’s a bit scary.” Or maybe there’s something, there’s some hurdle in the way that your subconscious goes, “Oops, we better use detour.”

And that’s why so often you can’t actually overpower your subconscious with your conscious mind. it’s not a case of JFDI, it’s not a case of using more conscious willpower or just more grunt, because your subconscious is responsible for 90 percent of your behaviors and of your brainpower.

The Sabotage Stopper

The only way to find out what are these weight loss blockers is to go through this really, really cool process that Kylie created called The Sabotage Stopper.

It’s a 6-step framework which will explain to you the reasons why you’re staying stuck and the reasons why out there the ideal goal is kind of repelling your way, is kind of making some part of your subconscious mind scared – and why you have this around in a round circle where you just end up being exhausted and you find yourself kind of stuck in the middle of no man’s land, like just in complete inertia, you’re not getting the results that you really want, but you’re not as bad as when you first started.

So if you want to really actually create the long lasting results, overcome these weight loss blockers, click on the link below and we’ll take you through this framework and a really, really cool free training for you, so you can understand why you have these uncontrollable cravings, why you can’t keep your willpower muscling you through all the way to the end, and ultimately how you can create those healthy habits so that they’re just effortless and automatic and the ideal body just shows on the outside as a results of that.

I hope you get heaps from it. Bye!

Bianca x

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