Listening to your Soul Money Cues

Listening to your Soul Money Cues
I got fired from my first 3 jobs ….

Brumby’s Bakery – I wowed them with my record breaking close times …. until I got so anal about closing in record time I would start my close as soon as I started basically ….

And I ate waaaaay too much banana bread (what it was 97% fat free ffs)
And custard tarts ….

☹️ Soul Money Cue: Overweight, uninspired, toxic workplace – know when it’s time to stop eating your feelings and GTFO!

Then I worked at Supre where they made you wear the clothes off the rack… and put them back on the rack after your shift had finished!!!
including very impractical cat suits that were ahem not so vertically forgiving ….

I got demoted to door girl cos fucked If I know … bullshit politics … and I had to check the bags at the front of the shop.

I was so bored out of my mind and do you know how much of an art it is to not lose your mind whilst also obsessively placing all the coat hangers one finger distance apart.

☹️ Soul Money Cue: Panic attacks before a 4 hour shift as I had no idea how I was going to make it through.

Then BB’s Muffin and Bake where after 3 months the lady said, you’re not happy, go get a job at the gym, we can never get you to stop talking about fitness and you never want to leave there …

Then I was meant to use that PT job to go to uni (oh yeah I had already failed 3 first semesters by then too) and my dad was like Bub, I still want you to get your degree

And I opened an envelope of cash like I was a drug dealer and I was like *in hushed tones like it was a crime*
but Dad!

People just *give* me their money,
*eyes wide, opens envelope …. shakes thick wads of cash under his nose, pauses in silence for extra emphasis*

for doing stuff you did with me as a kid growing up, just mucking around in the backyard!

“It is *ridiculously* easy for me AND I love it”

? Soul Money Cue☝? right there. ?
He goes Now Bub, I still would like you to get a degree tho.
I go / but DAD! I already make more money now …
than if I went to uni for 4 years…
AND I won’t have a 100k hecs debt
Ta daaaaa….

? Personal Power
? Soul Money Magic
?Purpose Led Profits
?Sales Maven Skills

Very excited to launch my new program next week Serve to Sell ❤️❤️❤️
DM me if you want to know more about lining up your Soul Money from your Divine given gifts ,

– reject the inauthentic style of masculine sales we’ve all had forced down our throat as “the way”

– And tap into your own intuitive selling genius so you can attract your soul contract clients and elegantly enrol them into your tribe.

Also …. Can’t wait for my kids to grow up and school me too lol
It will be amaaaazing

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