Not Enoughness

Not Enoughness

Obesity and Overeating is caused by a feeling of not being complete – of “not enoughness”

❌ Not smart enough
❌ Not successful enough
❌ Not pretty enough
❌ Not thin enough
❌ Not good enough

…. *regardless* of all evidence to the contrary.

This is what perpetuates the feelings of emptiness that drives a disordered relationship with food and alcohol.

In Truth, the wholeness that can solve it all comes from abandoning the pursuit of external validation and connecting into the power within.

The disconnection you feel is from Source Energy that recognises you are perfect and worthy of being loved right now.

You entered the word as a perfect body – the only thing that separates you from that divinity of creation are the imperfect thoughts you have about yourself.

Your only “job” is to let them go.

Surrender them and notice how everything in your world starts to align itself with your Divine Perfection once again.


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