Carli Walker

It seems that since the NLP sessions, I’ve encountered several of these moments where I’ve overcome my fears easily and taken action. I can’t believe how clear all this is: I truly believe I can do this with my life. I’m a good musician. I retained what I learnt when it would have been easier to run away and hide. Damn, I feel good! Mind you, now I also know that I have never been fully prepared for my performances before. I have had a phrase sitting on my piano for years but have not fully absorbed it: “An amateur practises until they get it right; a professional practises until they can’t get it wrong.” I’ve been skating by because I can get away with it, but I’ve also been hiding my light – so now that I’m aware and ‘out there’ I canNOT get away with it.  Sorry, I sound all gushy, don’t I?

Since the NLP I’ve encountered things I have never encountered before. Weirdly, I have been confronted by situations that I had previously been worried about but had not actually experienced. And I dealt with them all. It was fine. I thought it was interesting that in many situations in the weeks since I was given the opportunity to demonstrate to myself how I could cope.

So thank you again, It’s a new world!

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