Heather B

Kylie’s Kickstart Health Program finally helped me to “get it”. After years of healthy eating and exercise regime attempts with little or no results – Kylie’s program helped me see where I was going wrong and how I could achieve the goals I wanted without the process seeming a punishment or some sort of denial of fun.

I learnt about commitment to long term goals; daily actions to reinforce these goals and achieve results; how short-term pleasure (from unhealthy choices) leads to disappointment whereas “staying with the program” results in feelings of self respect and pride in ones results.

I also learnt how to let go of old habits and patterns that were not supporting my higher purpose and that it was safe to do so. Through online hypnosis sessions,  accompanying workshop support manuals, email and newsletter support and daily affirmations I effortlessly shed old cravings and compulsions and instinctively made healthy choices with eating that in themselves became second nature and effortless.  I also craved daily exercise and felt fantastic as my body built muscle, burnt fat and changed shape. Thanks Kylie for all you taught me, I’m committed for life now and it feels great!

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