Kristen P

Due to my depression and addictions over the years, I stopped dreaming… I was punishing myself… Since I wrote my SMART goal today, I actually feel a shift in my perception… that this change is happening RIGHT NOW… it seems more tangible because I’ve set a date and I have a picture in my mind of what I look like and how I feel… I’m having lots of breakthroughs listening to the program.

I’ve already started to notice huge changes in all areas…I love love LOVE the work book for Week 1. I used to think that I would get slim and then I would meet someone and not have to worry about it anymore that they should love me no matter WHAT size I am: well – that’s NOT the point.

I should love me… and loving ME, means taking care of myself… no matter what. It’s only taken me a month or so of continual exercise but now I really look fwd to it – my head space is fantastic and I relish that time I spend with and on myself…I’ve lost 1.6 kilos so far. It’s amazing because I know that this time it’s for good!

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