Madeleine BG

Madeleine BG

Everything has really changed, I finally let the girl inside out. I am 39 turning 40 this year & I feel like my life has really just started.  I’ve had a massive increase in personal power (from zero), sense of possibility, happiness, resilience, CONFIDENCE!

Reached my first weight loss goal of 55 kilos, from 63 which is far too big on a 5ft frame. I have gone from a size 12 to an 8-10 and can now wear just about all the clothes in my wardrobe.

I am far less depressed and I have all but given up wine. This is massive, given I was probably a high functioning alcoholic, drinking 2-3 glasses a day, just skulling it down, and not feeling like I could easily stop.  I am conscious of how I feel when I eat rubbish food and especially sugar and have cut it out, largely. And I can run!

I love myself and respect myself for the first time, I cannot express how much this has changed me. Thank you does not even cut it. – Madeleine BG

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