Bec’s secret shame turned 40kg weight loss success story

Bec’s secret shame turned 40kg weight loss success story

Do you know what is my number one most favourite thing I love about the women who graduate from our programs?

And nope, it isn’t the stunning before and after photos (even though they are definitely a highlight) ….

My absolute favourite part is hearing these beautiful ladies wake up to their womanhood and giving a voice to the wisdom that was forged throughout their journey of self discovery.

Bec is no exception, she went from a woman who was so down on herself she was ashamed for her family to be seen with her in public. And over a period of 3 years she transformed herself into a woman who embraced her curves, discovered her happy mediums, tamed her inner mean girl and released 40 kilos in the process.

Bec says, “It would take me 10 minutes to find anything I didn’t love about my body. I learnt it wasn’t about the food, it was about how I saw myself!”

Check out the video that showcases the mindset that brought her to rocking a bikini body today.



If you’d like to learn more about the specifics of her experience, listen to the interview we did together as Bec describes her journey of how letting go of the need to define herself through the eyes of others was the most powerful fat burner of all.



Video Transcript

Bianca:  Tell us a bit about yourself when you were 118 kilos (260 lbs)?

Rebecca:  Definitely not the person I am today. I couldn’t even look in the mirror. I didn’t have any clothes that I felt… I didn’t even have a pair of pajamas that I felt comfortable in. I was uncomfortable in work clothes, workout clothes, casual clothes, anything. It was just a constant reminder of how unhappy I was.

Now I can look in the mirror and go “That’s all right” and be comfortable with clothes again.

Bianca:  You’ve lost 22 kilos (48 pounds) so far… what’s the reason for your success?

Rebecca:  Definitely the eating plan. Changing when I’m eating the carbs and the clean eating, eating more, not just 3 meals a day or doing shakes or anything like that. That’s been a big challenge.

Bianca:  Have you tried lots of things like that?

Rebecca:  Yeah, I’ve done light and easy, shakes, eating 2 meals a day, 3 meals a day, so it’s only kind of now that I’m getting that you got to eat more to speed your metabolism up. So I’ve sort of plateaued a little bit now and I’m realizing that it’s the carbs, that I shouldn’t be eating them at night time. I think just constantly educating myself.

Bianca:  What do you think we have to do to ramp it up for you to get that next 7 kilos off?

Rebecca:  I think I need to shock my body. I feel like it’s got to the exercise and it’s got used to — it’s fine with eating clean but it’s used to it now, so I need to shock it.

Bianca:  Well, that’s fantastic! Because I built this workout to shock your body.

Bianca:  Now tell me about where you are in terms of your body?

Rebecca:  I think it’s pretty amazing. As I said, if you asked me what I didn’t like about my body, it’d take me a good 10 minutes to try and pick something out for you – because I just accept it for what it is and I love it. I just stopped looking for external sources to validate who I was and my journey.

Bianca:  Where are you now compared to where you were?

Rebecca:  I’m a lot more confident now, happy with myself, decisions I made… Crossfitting. Decisions that I make, where I am in my life… I like what I see in the mirror. I like training. I look forward to training, happy with what my body can do.

I say just keep going because you will get there one day.

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