The Fat Melting *Magic* of Your Subconscious Mind (Part 2/5)

The Fat Melting *Magic* of Your Subconscious Mind (Part 2/5)

Before I dig into exactly what led me to DRAMATICALLY reducing my body fat levels, without obsessing about food OR spending hours in the gym, let’s review a few facts:

#Fact 1 I love food. Did I mention that already?

#Fact 2 I had ZERO will power left. I had completely exhausted my reserves of discipline after a 6 month diet which included 24 egg whites a day and almost 20 hours of cardio a week. I had totally rebounded and was fatter than I was before I started.

#Fact 3 My first memory of being critical of my body was as early as 5 years old. From 14 years on, I spent at least 10 years on the diet-binge-diet cycle trying to hate and punish myself skinny (and it never really worked).

Fact #4 Healthy eating and exercise is now just an effortless choice and as a result my body maintains a healthy weight (and I think I have a rockin body no matter what it looks like)


Okay! Now that we’re all caught up, let’s get to the juicy stuff.

 At the beginning of this e-book, I shared how I was *this close* to getting up and walking out of a Gala event in tears because I was so disgusted at my appearance. Even though I was being recognised for my efforts at getting the community healthier, I felt like a big fat hypocrite…

But if I had left I would have missed out on the best night ever! It was the first time my Dad had been able to come to an awards night since my parents divorced 10 years earlier. Along with my sister and husband, we were all in stitches from laughing so hard and exhausted from dancing like crazy people.

Looking back I can see how important it was that I stayed that night. But tragically I can think of a thousand other times that I avoided social situations and missed out on precious moments with my family because I didn’t feel comfortable in my body.

The truth was I was fed up.

I was ashamed of living in a Fat Suit that was hiding who I really was.

I was sick of constantly researching new diets and trying to find ways to motivate myself.

I was exhausted from beating myself up down because I’d failed yet again at another unsustainable diet.

But most of all, I was sick of disappointing my husband – of keeping myself shut off from him, recoiling from his touch or snapping at him when I felt bad about myself. Or just in general not being present with him and able to receive his love when it counted the most.

And then I discovered something.

A BIG something.

A necessary something that needs to happen in order for ANY woman to be happy in herself.

In that first mindset coaching session Kylie helped me uncover that the reason why I couldn’t stick to a diet was because ….

in my subconscious mind I had associated dieting with a long, desolate road to nowhere!

Dieting to me conjured up an image of a black and white Western movie, complete with “stand off” music and a tumbleweed blowing against a backdrop of bleak nothingness.

In contrast I imagined what it would take to achieve my ideal body to be like a Rollercoaster – exciting, exhilarating, exhausting and something magical and special that you would find at a theme park. Something that you build up in your mind as an event out there in the future, for you to experience for just a short moment one day, and then leave maybe never to return again, or at least for several years!


NO WONDER I was constantly on a yo-yo diet!

Subconsciously I DIDN’T believe I could sustain my healthy weight like it was just a normal everyday occurrence.

And I believed you could achieve your goals but only for a short period of time, and you had to go through a huge, dreary trip of lonely suffering and sacrifice to get there.


Shining a light on this blind spot launched me into a completely new orbit of thinking and almost immediately after that session 3 HUGE things happened.

  1. I quit dieting. Forever.
  2. I stopped trying to punish my body into looking a certain way before I would let myself be happy.
  3. And for the first time in my life, I stopped looking outside of myself for answers and started to actually listen to my body instead of a guru or diet book.


For a long time afterwards, I just let life carry me along. I started leaving work on time, I pursued other interests and started exercising again – but only gently and when I felt like it.

I enjoyed my Friday night pizza routine and savoured every mouthful of the rocky road ice-cream I fought so hard to quit in the past.

From the outside nothing seemed to happen for a while…..

But I remember often being surprised at my reflection in glass doors, I would giggle to myself that the body I was wearing seemed bigger than what I expected to see.

And then people started asking if I had lost weight.

I wasn’t sure? I never checked anymore and the batteries in my scales were flat.

And then I noticed my pants getting looser.

Only a little bit at first.

But over time…. it was a lot.

And the less I forced and the more I listened – the better and better my pants seemed to fit.

And other things in my life started to become more and more successful!
(But I’ll tell you more about THAT later.)



It wasn’t 5:2 Intermittent Fasting or Ketosis (I just didn’t have the discipline or will power anymore!)

It wasn’t pills (gave me the worst headaches and made me think I was psycho)

It wasn’t 1200 Calorie meal plans (omg starving & the sugar cravings were mental!)

Here’s what I did:

I gave up.

I gave up trying to lose weight and constantly figuring out what foods I should and shouldn’t eat.

Instead I started to focus on WHY I ate the way I did and WHY my body felt the need to protect itself with this extra surplus of stored fat.

By treating the excess weight, low energy, irritable mood and sugar cravings as just SYMPTOMS of an underlying cause, I stopped being so goddamn judgemental of myself.

And as time went by I even stopped seeing myself as a failure.

That was the really the thing that changed it all for me – it blew my mind how much I just naturally gravitated towards healthy foods when I believed my success was inevitable.


By taking SPECIFIC actions that were a result of aligning my subconscious mind.

  • I was able to build sustainable habits that supported my lifestyle instead of overtaking it.
  • I asked for expert help to quieten my Inner Critic and instead turn up the volume on my Inner Cheerleader
  • I discovered the REAL obstacles that was triggering my Self Saboteur so that my subconscious mind actually felt it was SAFE for me to be fit, toned and attractive.


It’s almost 10 years on now from when Kylie and I first met – since then she’s been my mindset coach (still is), she’s certified me as a NLP practitioner (neuro-linguistic-programming) and now she’s my best friend and Godmother to my son.

We spent 2 years co-creating material together before venturing off on our own projects again, including the All or Nothing Antidote: “Lifestyle Weightloss” a term we coined when more and more ladies sent us messages like this:

Hey! I’m super busy so have been a bit slow implementing the program.

But one of my wins so far is I’ve lost 5kg!

Whoop Whoop! I don’t know how? Lol.

I eat treats everyday!

– Jennah

Hey B! Life is going great, just went on holidays with the kids and I’ve got a new job that I’m loving. Oh and by the way I’ve lost 10kg since we last spoke!

– Mel

I’ve lost 1kg since we started, and I still ate cake 5 times this week. How is this even possible?

– Laura


This is what happens when you focus on progress not perfection – when you remove the inner mindset obstacles to healthy eating and exercise so that it becomes just an easy and effortless and natural thing that you do.

So as a result of living your best life – the weight just seems to melt off.

Kylie and are both a testament to this process with our own personal journey, but it’s not just been limited to us – we’ve helped hundreds of women repeat this approach time and time again.

Now I have to be 100% honest with you – I didn’t have just one NLP coaching session and suddenly I was magically hypnotised to be healthy all the time.

In the next lesson I’ll tell you WHERE I struggled and WHAT I did to fix it.

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Remember – Diets are for Dying – Life is for Living!


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