Top 5 Non-Negotiable Elements of a Health and Fitness Routine that Enhances your Career Performance (not Sacrifices it)

Top 5 Non-Negotiable Elements of a Health and Fitness Routine that Enhances your Career Performance (not Sacrifices it)

I will happily debate this every minute of every day –

If your health and fitness routine is making your career suffer – you’re doing it wrong.

Here are my minimum health and wellness recommendations for top performance in your business AND your health.

1. 20 minutes of non-negotiable movement every day.

Be creative – it doesn’t need to be at the gym and yes it can be cumulative. A 5 minute stretching break from the computer, 20 squats at the kitchen bench, taking the stairs to work or going on a meandering stroll on your lunch break.


2. 1 hour of meal prep x 2 / week

I will challenge anybody with a real life demonstration on how 2 x 1 hours a week of meal prep that creates eating healthy food in well balanced proportions actually MAKES you more time by improving energy levels, clarity of mind and cutting down wasting time going to line up and buy food (not to mention the time it took to make that money in the first place)


3. Eating unprocessed, non-inflammatory foods with plenty of vitality and omegas

Nourish your starving body, stoke your sluggish metabolism, heal your leaky gut and enjoy the benefits of a clean vessel, efficient digestive system and a level of health that radiates from the inside out.


4. 10 minutes of vitality break daily

Unplug from the myopic cyber cubicle, grab a dose of fresh air and vitamin D and notice the incredible stress relief you can experience right at the core of your cell vitality.


5. Chew every mouthful slowly and mindfully (away from your desk)

Eating fast mindlessly is the recipe for over eating and poor digestion, if you’re like me and you just LOVE food – take the time to savour every morsel and allow your body time to recognise it has actually eaten. You’ll notice your portion sizes correct themselves naturally.

If you invest time, effort and care into these habits, not only your career, but your entire life will reach a brand new level of success that you had never dreamed possible.


Your body is the only vehicle that matters.

Nurturing the connection between your head, heart and gut is the key to being more productive, having more energy, more clarity of mind, loving more passionately and joyfully and enjoying every facet of your life.


I’ll finish off with a quote from one of my amazing clients who has been through this journey with radical life and body results for herself:

My career suffers if I am using time investing in my health and fitness as a means to escape my career or to somehow punish myself because I see myself as ‘SHOULD’ being able to fit it all in. Plus if I pursue health and fitness activities such as HIIT, running, bootcamps and crossfit style workouts that are not right for me but I do them as a way to punish myself no one is gonna benefit from this.

However, if I am investing time into my health and fitness for aligned reasons and in the best ways for my body (for me yoga, swimming and weight training vs. HIIT, running, bootcamps, crossfit style workouts) then everything benefits because in order to do this I do it out of love for myself and because I genuinely enjoy it and don’t see it as a means to punish myself.

Hear hear Rachel : Love your work!

Bianca x

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