Will working with the subconscious mind REALLY work for me? (Part 4/5)

Will working with the subconscious mind REALLY work for me? (Part 4/5)

By now you’re probably wondering whether or not taking a mind-body approach to losing weight will work for you and whether or not you can fit this into your lifestyle and your family.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself this sounds all really good but….

  • Do I have the time?
  • Do I have the energy?
  • Can I even fit this in?
  • How hard will it be?
  • Will I have to make separate dinners for the family?
  • Do I have enough willpower to stick to something again?
  • Is this just going to be just another thing I try and fail at?
  • Maybe I’m just broken and nothing will fix me anyway…

And these are all natural concerns many of our clients have had in the past before deciding to work with us.


We have some golden rules though that should help alleviate this all for you.

  1. The journey must be enjoyable in order for you to sustain it. You’ll only maintain results for as long as you continue the process that got you those results. So if something doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, or your family or you don’t see yourself doing it for the long term, there’s no need to do it!!!
  2. The reason you think you can’t, is the reason you must. Brain fog, exhaustion, low mood, food addictions and stubborn weight gain are all reasons why life is feeling overwhelming right now. And it’s clouding your judgement as to what would really get you out of this funk, and how it all starts with just one simple step in the right direction.
  3. Do one thing and do it well. It’s hard to be consistent when you’re trying to do 100 new things at once – actually that’s proven to fail . We help you master one healthy habit at a time let that evolve into the next natural feeling step for you and your family.
  4. You haven’t already failed – because you’ve never actually tried this before. Up until now, what you’ve “tried” has been a multitude of different ways to force your body skinny, and punish yourself healthy by looking at external weight as a condition rather than just a symptom.
  5. When you know better you do better. By addressing the root cause of weight gain and working with the subconscious mind you’ll find for the first time ever, you’re in the driver’s seat, and can create long lasting results faster and more effortlessly than ever before.


Our clients have experienced success from a wide range of backgrounds, professions, and health history.

So yes. A Mind-Body approach to improving your relationship with food and creating body confidence WILL work for you, because you’ll actually be going to the root of the problem.

Emotional healing based weight loss is scientifically proven to be far more effective than just “fix yourself” at a surface level with “exercising more and eating loss”. Even self-compassion has been proven to be a more effective weight loss strategy than JFDI and then labelling yourself a hopeless failure when you’re not already skinny in 3 weeks.

But WAIT just because our Emotional Healing Weight Loss Approach WILL work for you – it doesn’t mean we’re the right people to lead you through it.

FIRST of all, if you’re weighing up working with us, or starting on a shake diet, you’re probably not ready for us, not yet anyway.

You are also NOT ready to go down this road if you’re unwilling to consider those uncomfortable questions and do the deeper inner work that is the key to creating lasting, “effortless” change.

There is some effort required, but it’s not the effort of slogging yourself on the cross-trainer… It’s the effort of asking yourself questions like: “What am I really hungry for?” and deeply considering the answer, even if you need a few tissues along the way.

So how DO you know if you’re a the type of person that we can help get amazing, life-changing results?

Type 1. The Experienced Exerciser who loves her workouts, loves her food but just can’t seem to get the balance right between her social life and work life.

No matter how hard Gilli exercised she could never really get the lean, toned physique she looking for. She could stick to a 30 day Paleo Challenge like a winner, but as soon as she relaxed the results seem to disappear, and every time she “fell off” getting back on the bandwagon felt like an even bigger uphill climb.

After working with her subconscious mind Gilli stopped being so hard on herself; and as a result stopped needing to reward herself so much with food and wine. 3 years on she’s lost a total of 25 kilos and often has people come up to her at her CrossFit gym to tell her that she’s their secret inspiration.

Imagine being able to purge all the negative stories you’re telling yourself about why losing weight is hard “especially at your age” and instead just let go of the extremes and just enjoy everything in moderation?

Type 2. The Maternal Caregiver who will be there for everyone else at the click of their fingers, but always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to her own self care.

Rachel was an Emergency Department Nurse, and a first-time mum with PND and a FIFO husband. She would often find herself turning to food, coffee and alcohol for comfort, energy, and distraction. The desperate lack of sleep meant the couch was far more appealing than energetic outdoor activities, and being healthy had always been associated with restriction, a lot of effort and a sense of failure. So even though she wanted to live her healthiest life, she found herself stuck in inertia more often than not.

After upgrading and clearing limiting subconscious beliefs such as “I’m not worthy” “I can’t do this”, “it’s too hard” and releasing the past emotional baggage she was carrying from her difficult childhood, she finally realised that she deserved looking after herself as beautifully as she looked after everyone else.

Imagine looking after yourself with the same level of care as you look after everybody else. What would it feel like to let go of the scales as a measure of your worth as a person, and just start nourishing yourself with gentle and enjoyable exercise because you know your choices matter and you’re worth it?

Type 3. The stressed out professional who’s constantly skipping meals, eating on the run and too busy to really give their health the attention it needs -until it reaches crisis point. Then they launch into All or Nothing mode until they can’t keep it up and collapse in exhaustion.

On the outside Michelle appeared strong and successful and had her dream role as GM or HR at a company she had always wanted to work with. As a mum of 2 young kids “building their immune system” in daycare, she was battling with exhaustion, stress, anger and frustration. As a result of not listening to her body and prioritising everyone but herself, she ended up in hospital and had an extreme wake up call – her body was in a state of dis-ease.

By doing the internal work Michelle was able to reset her boundaries, finally tame her Inner Critic and stop constantly moving the goalposts and prioritise her health. Within 12 months she had made a miraculous recovery that surprised her specialists, and she also built the confidence to leave her demanding Corporate job and launch a new consulting business which created so much more freedom and joy, and time to live by her own schedule and values.

Imagine if you were able to finish your day at 4pm happily knowing that you’ve done an amazing job, and go to a yoga class feeling totally free and peaceful. What would it feel like to come home feeling relaxed, fulfilled and ready to be present with your kids and husband over a wholesome family dinner.

Do you fall into one of these categories?

Like I said before, our Emotional Based Healing Methods are NOT for everyone.

But, if you’re ready to stop waiting for the weight and show the world the REAL you….. then

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a chance for you to learn EVEN MORE about inside-out weight loss. So, get excited!

Until then, make sure you check out today’s daily thread inside our Facebook group.

Everyone wants to meet you. (They do!)

See you soon!

Bianca & Kylie

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